Nimbus® II Flex

The Nimbus® II Flex is an ambulatory infusion pump designed for repeated ambulatory continuous low volume infusions like chemotherapy. With an innovative and robust design, it comes pre-loaded with advanced therapeutic options, allowing you to tailor your infusion delivery to your patients’ therapy. Nimbus® II Flex is engineered to take continuous infusion therapy to newer and greater heights. Programmed with pre-loaded chemotherapy infusion protocol making setup as easy as rate, volume and run. Set your expectations higher, the future of infusion therapy is here.

Simple, Safe, Flexible

Nimbus® II Flex is programmed with pre-loaded chemotherapy infusion protocol, ensuring patients and caregivers optimization while allowing customizable advanced therapeutic options.

  1. No cassettes to fill
  2. No preventative maintenance costs
  3. Damage replacement options
  4. Manage the per infusion costs
  5. 12 protocol library allows for flexible customization and various safeguards
  6. Manual programming available
  7. Clinician enabled lockout code
  8. Fluid Delivery accuracy of +/- 5%
  9. Intelligent menu navigation
  10. 1- 1500mL infusion volumes
  11. 240 hour battery life
  12. Small and light weight at 6 ounces

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