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Nimbus™ II EMS

Nimbus™ II EMS is a revolutionary electronic ambulatory infusion pump configured specifically for the EMS market.
We know your space is tight, that’s why our Nimbus is COMPACT and lightweight. We know your environment is rugged, that’s why our Nimbus is DURABLE. We know treatment is your priority, that’s why our Nimbus is SMART, equipped with a customizable drug library and programmable safeguards.

Emergency Responder Ready Features

  1. Single channel linear peristaltic design effectively moves fluid from reservoir to delivery site regardless of gravity or position
  2. 12 protocol library allows for flexible customization and various safeguards
  3. Weight based and continuous mode features made specifically for EMS with a minimal variance of +/-5%
  4. Pump can be powered via micro-USB port as well as from the internal battery for up to 10 days of running infusion or 1500mL
  5. SmartAlerts notifies any interruption of drug delivery with a soft alert and audible alert
  6. Customizable volume from 1 – 1000 mL; performance life of 240 hours or 1500 mL of fluid (whichever comes first)
  7. Use any standard IV bag – minimal fill training/inservicing for pharmacy or nursing
  8. Optional Keypad lockout
  9. Single use tubing cassette with a 1.2 micron air eliminating filter
  10. Custom carrying pouch
  11. Ability to download a full event history from the pump

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