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A new class of infusion device

Portable at your fingertips

Nimbus in the field

WIth each device line custom built for its application in mind, Nimbus has you covered.

Nimbus™ II PainPRO

A next generation electronic ambulatory pain pump designed to give patients a personalized recovery after surgery. Nimbus™ II PainPRO enhances your patient's postoperative experience reducing their reliance on opioid pain killers enabling them to get out of bed sooner, engage more aggressively with physical therapy, sleep better, and potentially recuperate in the comfort of their own home. Pre-Loaded infusion protocols make programming Nimbus simple while giving you advanced therapeutic options to customize the infusion specific to block types or patient expectations ensuring outcomes are optimized. Inpatient & outpatient, and adaptable to any post-surgical recovery program, the Nimbus II PainPRO can do it!

Nimbus™ II Flex

The Nimbus™ II Flex is a feature-rich, yet simple-to-use ambulatory infusion pump designed for repeated ambulatory continuous low volume infusions like chemotherapy. With an innovative and robust design, it comes pre-loaded with advanced therapeutic options, allowing you to tailor your infusion delivery to your patients’ therapy. Nimbus™ II Flex is engineered to take continuous infusion therapy to newer and greater heights. Nimbus™ II Flex is programmed with pre-loaded chemotherapy infusion protocol. Set your expectations higher and the future of infusion therapy is here.

Nimbus™ II EMS

The Nimbus™ II EMS, our latest product, is a revolutionary electronic ambulatory infusion pump configured specifically for your EMS needs. We know your space is tight, that’s why our Nimbus is compact and lightweight. We know your environment is rugged, that’s why our Nimbus is durable. We know treatment is your priority, that’s why our Nimbus is smart, equipped with a customizable drug library, weight based and continuous mode features, and programmable safeguards. Accessories, such as disposable covers and pole mounts, are available. Introducing Nimbus™ II EMS, the perfect candidate for emergency transport use.

Nimbus™ II Plus

Nimbus™ II Plus leverages the existing Nimbus platform with the same intuitive user interface and therapy delivery features. The newly enhanced motor now can drive a maximum flow rate of 250 mL/Hr, expanding the capabilities of the device while maintaining the same compact size and weight the market has grown to admire.


Nimbus was created with the intention of bringing infusion therapies to the next level. Moving on from old antiquated devices and letting patient care take the technological leap that was needed yesterday.


The Nimbus platform changes the way patients engage in their treatment. In combination with outcome reporting tools to aid patients, never before has a device been so integrated and focused with a full treatment cycle platform.


The Nimbus is a blank canvas for what is possible in many fields of treatment. With its portable lightweight intuitive design, Nimbus can be customized to fit any infusion therapy's needs with ease

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