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Meet Nimbus

What do we do?

InfuTronix is an innovative medical device company delivering industry leading technology for infusion therapy. Our mission is to create great devices to make patients lives easier, one infusion at a time. By combining data collection with portable, intuitive, easy-to-use infusion devices, InfuTronix is committed to helping healthcare providers raise the bar on improved patient outcomes. Headquartered in Natick, MA, InfuTronix specializes in acute regional pain, EMS, PCEA, and PCA home infusion markets.

What do we build?

Nimbus, the only infusion platform fully customizable for your needs. Device lines fully tailored for specific medical applications in mind

Nimbus® II PainPRO

Pain management done right

Nimbus® II Flex

Chemotherapy treatment redefined

Nimbus® II Plus

Sustainable frequent infusions


The true meaning of mobility


Giving care, the patient's way


designed for ease of use


Devices Built to last


At our core, we pride ourselves in building high quality devices made to last. Our passion for excellence when it comes to crafting the best product is unmatched.


Everything we design comes from a verified need which healthcare clinicians tell us. After ideation and market testing, we take great care in building products that make patients lives easier.


Nimbus was engineered from the ground up with scalability and customization in mind. When it comes to infusion pumps, Nimbus is at the vanguard of the latest technology and care best practices.

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177 Pine St, Natick, MA 01760, USA

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